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Ferrous industry: manufacture and products of the ferrous industry (billets, long products, flats, tubes and pipes) 130 Non-ferrous industry: manufacture and products of the non-ferrous industry (raw materials, secondary metals, semi-finished products, rolled products, and profiles) 66 Special steels and alloys: manufacture and products (long products, flats and tubes) 83 High conversion products for construction: coated sheets, bent shapes, steel structures etc. 61 Wire mesh products, steel ropes, netting, fasteners etc. 45 Ferrous and non-ferrous products trading and stocking 57 Equipment and technologies for steel industries 182 Equipment and technologies for mining industries 57 Handling equipment 38 Raw materials for the steel industry (iron ores, ferroalloys, non-ferrous ores, coke etc.) 35 Ferrous and non-ferrous scrap collecting and recycling 27 Transportation and logistics, stocking in steel industry and metal and steel trading 16 Steel service centers in the steel industry and metal and steel trading 36 Sheet metal and long products processing: cutting, roll-forming, bending and welding 55 Equipment and technologies for steel service centers 74 Welding materials, equipment and technologies 22 Refractory materials, technical ceramics for the steel industry and foundry 41 Fundamental and applicable scientific research in the ferrous and non-ferrous industries as well as nanotechnologies 22 Unions, mass media, IT technologies, online-trading, automation of industrial and business processes for the steel industry and metalworking 73 Finances, investments, insurance, leasing, ecology, labor protection and safety in the steel industry 4
MetallStroy Forum
Steel long products and flats, round tubes and hollow sections for the construction industry 61 Steel products and structures of sheets and plates 36 Easily assembling building based on steel structures 17 Aluminium rolled products, profiles and structures for constructions 20 Equipment and technologies for steel structures manufacture and set up 32 Wire mesh products: wires, steel ropes, netting, fasteners, electrodes etc. 20 Steel structures and buildings corrosion resistance and fire protection 15 Steel structures welding and joining 8
MetallTrans Logistik
Transportation and customs processing, ores and coals handling 7 Transportation of rolled products by water: stevedoring and shipping, ports 2 Motor vehicles logistics 6 Railway logistics: infrastructure, freight forwarders, transport operators 2 Transportation machine-building and rolling stock: railway car-building, locomotive engineering, railway foundry 2 Transportation outsourcing 1 Stocking and logistics at steel mills and steel service centers 4 Engineering solutions for logistics, engineering of stocking facilities, auditing and consulting in logistics 4 Optimization of stocks management 2 Handling equipment 38
Metallurg Mash
Mining equipment 21 Melting and rolling equipment for ferrous industry 40 Melting and rolling equipment for non-ferrous industry 33 Metalworking equipment (cutting, slitting, shaping, bending) 48 Press-forging equipment 24 Foundry equipment 33 Welding equipment 25 Equipment for stocks and steel service centers 29 Handling equipment 28 Engineering solutions 43 Testing and masuring equipment 12

- Metallurg Mash
- Equipment for stocks and steel service centers

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